Could These Dog Jobs Pay More Than Your Job?

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Pawsome Dog Jobs

For most dogs, it would appear that their main job involves napping, licking places that shouldn’t be licked and counter surfing. But there are also dogs with day jobs - from shepherding and guiding to therapy and crime fighting. And with the world developing at such a fast pace, dogs are now getting gigs we couldn’t imagine (and frankly, we’re a bit jealous). Check out these professional pups that leave us wondering why we aren’t doing more with our lives.


Truffle Hunter
Move over, Porky. Truffles can sell for up to $3,600 a pound, making them and their fellow fungi the most expensive food in the world. Truffle-sniffing is traditionally associated with pigs, but dogs have become a more popular choice because they’re easier to train and have more stamina. Certain breeds are highly prized and bred specifically for their ability to sniff out this culinary delight. We wonder if these guys are partial to vegan dog treats?


Ph.D. in Poop
At the Center for Conservation Biology, University of Washington, there is a dog named Tucker who is a vital member of the scientific team. He's responsible for sniffing out whale poop up to a kilometer away, allowing scientists to study it. Whale feces is known as “scientific gold” because so much can be learned about their diet, lifestyle, habits and more.


That’s Mayor Mutt to You

In 1981, townspeople in California entered a Black Lab-Rottweiler mix named Bosco in the mayoral election as a joke. Bosco beat his human counterparts to become the first dog mayor in the United States of America, serving 13 years in pawffice. Bosco paved the way for the political future of other pooches, including Duke, who won the mayoral race in Cormorant, Minnesota in 2014. It is yet to be announced if they are paid in treats, scratches, or pats.


Vet (the other kind)

Bomb-sniffing dogs work in war zones and, due to the significant reliance on their sense of smell, these dogs go through specialized and extremely intensive training in order to undertake this dangerous task. To learn more about how dogs have played active roles in war, check out the documentary War Dogs: America’s Forgotten Heroes.


Disease Detector
Like dogs that are trained to sniff out explosives or drugs, some enterprising pups have been trained to sniff out cancer in humans using breath and urine samples. A pioneer in her field, Daisy detected over 550 cases and was honoured for her life-saving work before she passed away last year, providing research that will be instrumental in the future detection of the disease.


Professional Cheerleader

It all began with an English Bulldog named Handsome Dan. This distinguished fella was the first school mascot in the United States, cheering on Yale University in the 1890s. Yale is now on the 18th Handsome Dan and school mascots can be found at colleges and universities around the world. Bulldogs are still a popular cheerleading choice, along with Huskies and Scottish Terriers.



SWAT Superstar

In Bogota, Colombia, dogs trained in explosives detection are part of an elite anti-terrorist team. They fearlessly jump out of planes at over 1,000 feet while strapped to their humans. Once they land, these daring doggos get to work, sniffing out bad guys and bombs.


As you can see, with their superior sense of smell and people-pleasing dispositions, dogs have proven themselves time and again to be invaluable members of the workforce (while providing us with some career inspiration along the way)! To help hone their skills these dogs through a lot of training which means a huge amount of treat rewards!

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