Dogs & Cuddle Season is Here! Episode 6.

Child & Dog face to face | Crumps' Naturals

Happy first week of November! We hope everyone had a great Halloween, as we certainly enjoyed seeing your dogs and cats in costume! This week we’ve got some stories about something we all love to do: spending time cuddling with our pets!


Pets Relieve Stress

We all feel better around our pets and now science is recognizing this too! A Washington State University study has found that spending time with your pets offers a variety of mental & physical benefits! A reduction in cortisol, the hormone that causes stress, occurs after just 10 minutes of spending quality time with them. Cortisol can cause long-term health complications, so spending time and cuddling with pups not only makes you happier but also helps with your health too! You can find the full details at


Cuddling Season

Dogs have been used to help humans survive in the winter in the past, providing warmth throughout cold winter nights. Luckily this isn’t mandatory for survival anymore, but it still is something that can bring comfort and joy to all family members. As we said above, pets do relieve stress, and there’s nothing more relaxing than cuddling up with them in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. We’re sure that your best friend will enjoy it as much as you do!


In Focus: Leonbergers

The gentlest of the giant dogs, the Leonberger is one of the best cuddle buddies you could have! These dogs are very affectionate, often acting like lap dogs that are much too big for anyone’s lap. For those who don’t want the drool and sloppy kisses that are often associated with big, these dogs are perfect, preferring to nuzzle up against their family members instead of licking them. Leonbergers are often known as ‘Lean-on-Bergers’ due to their affectionate personality and tendency to lean on their owners for pats & love.



We hope everyone has a great time with their cuddle buddy this November! Sending you lots of love from our family to yours.

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