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What We’re Watching Wednesday! Episode 8.

What We’re Watching Wednesday! Episode 8.  


Happy Fall fellow pet parents! Our stories today are focused on happiness and positivity.  We’re going to be talking about how you can upgrade your Instagram/Facebook stories with Crumps’ stickers, looking at the exclusively canine mayors of Rabbit Hash, and finding out why cats knead on us.


Rabbit Hash – The Town of Canine Mayors


Rabbit Hash is a happy, friendly community in Kentucky with an interesting local government. The small town is unique in that it has only had canine mayors! The current mayor is an American Pit Bull Terrier Brynneth Pawltro- Bamforth, who was elected in 2016 after the incumbent mayor opted to retire from politics after 8 years! Prior to Brynn, there was a Border Collie named Lucie Lou, a Black Lab named Junior, and Goofy whose breed was unknown as he was a rescue. The elections aren’t done conventionally as the Mayor’s role is mostly ceremonial, instead, it’s used as a way to fundraise for the town. The canine with the campaign that raises the most money is declared as the winner. You can find out more about the wonderful town of Rabbit Hash on their official website.  


Fun with GIF Stickers


GIF stickers are fun animations that you can add to your Instagram and Facebook Stories! We love using them to add some extra excitement to our stories, and that has inspired us to make our own! We’ve now accumulated quite a few and our marketing team is working hard at expanding this library. The next time you’re adding to your story be sure to search ‘Crumps’ or the name of your best friend‘s favorite snack to find some cool animations that compliment your pet’s mood! Do you have a certain sticker that you want to see? Send us an email. and we’ll look at bringing it into our library as soon as possible.


Why Cats ‘Knead’ You


Cat’s often do things that baffle us! Their unique personalities and their way of showing can be mysterious, but today we’re looking at a behaviour shared by many felines. Kneading is when a cat pushes in and out with its front paws (or all 4 paws), alternating between left and right. They sometimes do this on soft surfaces or their humans. There are a few theories on why they do this, but the most common is that cats instinctually do it to their mom during nursing to encourage them to produce milk. Their paws also contain scent glands and they could be kneading to mark their favorite things or people with their scent. Just like most cat behaviour, this one does not have a definitive answer, but it does show some sort of affection and comfort when they do it on people. For more info, check out the experts at Animal Planet through this link:



We hope everyone has a great Autumn and gets the chance to see the beautiful changing colours on their walks! We’ll be back next Wednesday with three new story tidbits for you!