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I Love Variety Bundle

The perfect day to night bundle for all of your variety lovers’ every need!

Boost your day – Give breakfast a flavourful burst of protein with our hypoallergenic Lamb Mini Trainers. Not only for training but also great as a delicious high protein meal topper. Simply add to your dogs normal food to increase nutrition while decreasing mealtime boredom.

Nourish them –  No morning snack is complete without our best-selling Sweet Potato Chews – An all natural single ingredient plant based treat with a flexible texture your pup will love.

Elevate them – In the afternoon stimulate their mind by teaching a new trick or using a puzzle mat. Our flavourful and hypoallergenic Duck Mini Trainers are sure to keep them motivated.

Nurture them – A spa like feeling for your dogs mouth. Our Plaque Busters Advanced Whole Mouth Care will help remove hard to reach plaque and tarter while supplying probiotics (the good bacteria) for complete oral care.

This Bundle Includes:

  • Sweet Potato Chews - 160g
  • Semi Moist Duck Mini Trainers - 132g
  • Semi Moist Lamb Mini Trainers - 132g
  • Plaque Busters Advanced Whole Mouth Dental Sticks - 10 Pack
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