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I Love Beef Bundle

The perfect day to night bundle for all of your beef lovers’ every need!

Boost your day – Give breakfast a flavourful burst of protein with our Beef Sprinkles. Simply add to your dogs normal food to increase nutrition while decreasing mealtime boredom.

Nourish them - No morning snack is complete without our best selling Beef Tendersticks – it’s an all natural single ingredient high protein treat with a wafer like texture your pup will love.

Elevate them – In the afternoon stimulate their mind by teaching a new trick or using a puzzle mat. Our flavourful Freeze Dried Beef Liver Mini Trainers are sure to keep them motivated.

Nurture them – A spa like feeling for your dogs mouth.  Our Plaque Busters Advanced Double Fresh will help remove hard to reach plaque and tarter while freshening their breath.

This Bundle Includes:

  • Beef Tendersticks - 138g
  • Freeze-Dried Beef Liver Mini Trainers - 55g
  • Beef Sprinkles Dog Food Topper
  • Plaque Busters Advanced Double Fresh Dental Sticks - 10 Pack
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