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Crumps' pure-care pledge

Our efforts are always in the best interest of your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Margot and her dog Alice | Crumps' Naturals

Ingredient promise

From day one we have been stubborn about our standards. From sustainable wild caught fish to an ever-growing list of unacceptable ingredients, we take pride in what we create and even more in what we don’t. Most importantly, we are pushing to make these standards higher every day.

Beginning with the selection of our ingredients, we strive to source ingredients from suppliers we know and trust. All new suppliers are vetted to ensure they meet our strict food safety and quality standards and we regularly audit and review all of our existing suppliers. See where our ingredients are sourced below.

  • Ingredient promise | 100% natural ingredient | Crumps' Naturals
  • Ingredient promise | Quality sweet potatoes from North Carolina | Crumps' Naturals
  • Ingredient promise | Joe, Margot, and Sonny Scott from Scott Farms, North Carolina | Crumps' Naturals

Many treats are made with one ingredient or with a minimal amount of ingredients. We are thoughtful in the kinds of ingredients we select in an effort to provide you with clean, authentic and recognizable ingredients while careful to avoid things like additives, colours or artificial preservatives. (The ingredient map will continue to be updated.)

Minimal processing promise

Our low temperature air-dried process optimizes moisture and water activity levels to preserve the nutritional integrity, palatability and natural preservation of each treat. Each batch is tested to ensure our food safety standards are met.

  • Made in small batches, we are able to ensure freshness & quality.

    Minimal processing promise | Made with care in our kitchen in small batches | Crumps' Naturals
  • No additives, colours, or artificial preservatives

    Minimal processing promise | No additives, Colours, or artificial preservatives | Crumps' Naturals

Quality & Food Safety are a state of mind at Crumps’

For the last eight years, Crumps’ has been  committed towards adhering to globally recognized food safety programs. We have implementing the same standards for quality and safety found in the human food industry. Each year we voluntarily undergo a food safety and quality audit by a third party. To learn more about the program. Click here to see GFSI

  • Food Safety promise | All ingredients, raw materials, finished product and packaging are 100% traceable | Crumps' Naturals

    • All ingredients, raw materials, finished product and packaging are 100% traceable. Click to read our traceability

  • Food Safety promise | We adhere to our own strict guidelines for both food safety and quality | Crumps' Naturals

    • Our annual 3rd party audit certificates
    Click to see all of our certificates from 2014

  • Food Safety promise | Raw materials, ingredients and finished products are regularly tested | Crumps' Naturals

    • Raw materials, ingredients and finished products are regularly tested for microbiology and foreign contaminants Click to see our COAs