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Working with our lovely pet | Crumps' Naturals

Sustainability Initiatives

At Crumps’ Naturals, we obviously care about our pets but we care about our future too. We have a responsibility to not only our pets but our future generations to make conscious choices about how we decide to run our business. As we continue to create and develop all natural, healthy treats for our pets, we also want to improve our corporate responsibility.

  • We joined the Pet Sustainability Coalition | Crumps' Naturals

  • In an effort to better educate ourselves we joined the Pet Sustainability Coalition,, in 2020, to create positive impact for the communities and environments we do business.

  • We are using sustainable ingredients | Crumps' Naturals
  • We continue to increase the number of sustainable ingredients we use in our already amazing products like sweet potato puree, oyster shell, miscanthus grass (, apple and tomato pomace and krill meal. We are committed to working with fish suppliers that respect environmental conservation by being MSC ( certified. As we grow, we are committed to using more sustainable ingredients to offer more selection to our conscious pet parents.

  • Vision to make our sustainable packages for our environment | Crumps' Naturals
  • Plastic packaging accounts for up to 20% of the environmental impact of a pet food or treat and we are committed to being part of the solution. It is projected that by the year 2050 we will have more plastic in the ocean than fish. We are addressing our impact of plastic packaging by committing to a sustainable packaging option by 2022.

Our social responsibility path will not stop there. We will continue to work with our distributors, suppliers and retailers to create innovative solutions that can positively affect change. We are dedicated to being part of the solution to our pets, to our families and to our planet. We invite you to visit this page for updates as we take those vital steps on this journey.

Cultures and Values, Diversity & Inclusion, Work at Crumps’

We are committed to making a difference in the world, and that starts with our workplace. Some of the ways we promote our values around an inclusive workplace include:

• We embrace our employee’s cultures by ensuring our internal events have meal-options in line with dietary customs.
• We are flexible when it comes to allowing team members extended time off work to visit their home country abroad.
• We provide communication and training in multiple languages.
• We provide our team with a “suggestion box” so that all ideas are heard and valued.
• We provide an inclusive and barrier free recruitment process to applicants with accessibility needs in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

  • We value diversity and cooperation | Crumps' Naturals
  • QA Team | Crumps' Naturals