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We started with our passion

Devoted to care

Photo of Margot's dog, Alice | Crumps' Naturals
  • Promise Infographic | Made with only natural ingredient | Crumps Naturals

    Made with limited, clean & thoughful ingredients that are 100% traceable

  • Promise Infographic | Great for all dogs of all ages and sizes | Crumps Naturals

    Crumps’ offers a wide variety of healthy choices that are in the best interest of your pet

  • Promise Infographic | Handcrafted from our own facility | Crumps Naturals

    All are crafted in our own certified facility & made with care in small-batches

  • Promise Infographic | minimally processing to retain pure nutrition of each treat | Crumps Naturals

    Our minimal processing preserves the nutritional integrity & palatability

  • Promise Infographic |  Each batch is tested to ensure our food safety standards are met | Crumps Naturals

    Committed to adhere to a globally recognized food safety program

  • Promise Infographic | We are here to help you nurture the bond you share through with your pet through our pure food & treats | Crumps Naturals

    Nourishing treats and foods can act as both protection & prevention

Pureness for good

Crumps’ humble beginnings

Joe and Margot and their dog Alice | Crumps' Naturals

An Idea for a New Kind of Pet Treat 2006

Garage was the first Crumps' Headquarters | Crumps' Naturals

The First Crumps’ Headquarters 2007

Margot at "Woofstock" | Crumps' Naturals

Spreading the word 2008

Built an additional 500 square feet of space to the garage | Crumps' Naturals

Time to Expand! 2009

Margot and Joe and their daughter Lily, in front of a typical tote of sweet potatoes | Crumps' Naturals

Who knew Dogs liked Sweet Potatoes 2010

Margot and Mike running prototypes for Crumps' first Sweet Potato Strips | Crumps' Naturals

Crumps’ First Commercial Location 2010-11

Joe and Margot's kids & Moving to new food grade plant in Brampton, Ontario, Canada | Crumps' Naturals

Moving to the Big City 2013

Joe and Margot with the original team | Crumps' Naturals

Joe and Margot with the original team at the new Brampton facility 2013

Food Safety Team | Crumps' Naturals

Quality Control becomes a mainstay at Crumps 2014

Several awards of Crumps' Naturals | Crumps' Naturals

Crumps’ is recognized for several awards: 2016-2019

Margot with Arlene Dickinson from Dragon's Den | Crumps' Naturals

Fun Press 2018

Production expands to a new facility to a new facility in North Carolina, close to our sweet potato farms, 2021-2022 | Crumps' Naturals

We move to a new, state of the art, facility in Mississauga, Ontario 2021

Integrity Pledge

We will never compromise on doing what is best for your pet

  • Crumps' Naturals only use 100% natural ingredient | Crumps' Naturals

    Pure Ingredient

    We are committed to develop treats that bring pets closer to their parents. (Ingredient promise)

  • Uncompromising quality comes from our food safety promise which is our #1 priority | Crumps' Naturals

    Quality & Food Safety

    We strive to set the standards of excellence for pets through healthy and food options. (Quality & Safety promise)

  • Our vision to create a more sustainable world | Crumps' Naturals


    We care about environment and have committed to a more sustainable packaging options by 2023.

  • We care our local community to live together | Crumps' Naturals


    To care our communities, we have been donating fresh sweet potatoes to Ontario Food Bank.