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Every pet parent’s journey is unique. We thank you for letting us be apart of it! Here’s what pet parents are saying about Crumps’ Naturals:

  • I have a French bulldog and he has a sensitive stomach. The dehydrated chicken dinner was easy for Zeus to digest and enjoy it very much. As soon as he smells the beef lung tendersticks, I would have his full attention. He loves it. Thanks Crumps Natural for making these amazing foods.

    -Jena UnLlanos

  • Our two Weims love the salmon mini trainers. I personally love how they snap apart into different sizes so they can be used for dogs big and small. This works out great for us because our female is considerably smaller than our male and needs a smaller treat. Fast shipping and great packaging. Highly recommend for dogs of all ages and sizes!

    -Katy Redding

  • We had the opportunity to try out the beef mini trainers. We’ve had Crumps products before, but never tried the mini trainers. Fang loved them. I loved that they are made in Canada with limited ingredients. Would definitely get these again.@fangthefangtastic

    -Amber L Beattie

  • Yes! Our pup Bailey absolutely loves All things Crumps. She isn’t overly food-motivated, except with these salmon treaties.

    -Brittany O'Brien

  • Our husky Koda absolutely loves the beef liver bites, he went crazy for more after he tried them! I really like that they are all natural and have no additives, no preservatives and no artificial flavors so it’s a win for both of us! We highly recommend this company and their products and we are very excited to try more! @medeirospack

    -Nicolette Dekker

  • Crumps are the absolute best training treats. Our two pups go crazy for them and will do just about anything to get them. We love how small the pieces are so we don’t have to worry as much about calories and we feel good about the ingredients. I would recommend them to anyone looking for healthy treats for their pet. The best we have found!@thepoodlegirls

    -Jerid Leigh

  • My pup @peter_the_pembroke_corgi, loves these treats! We have the chicken strips kind, and they’re perfect to hike with. Light weight and easy to break into small pieces to spread the treat out through out the day. For training these keep him highly motivated and interested. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a quality treat!

    -Giesela Pierce

  • My german shepherd @finnthelonghairedgsd absolutely LOVES crumps treats. His favorite are the beef lung tendersticks. I love that they are made from a single ingredient and healthy for him. They are perfect broken into small pieces for a reward when training and he is always excited to get to work when I break them out. Thanks crumps!

    -Samantha Bobrik

  • As a dog owner, I can be pretty picky about what I feed my dogs. However, I have zero worries when I give my pups treats and snacks from Crumps’ Naturals. I love the fact that they’re made with single or limited ingredients and are free from additives and preservatives. My pups go nuts when I pull out these treats and I know exactly why! They’re both delicious and nutritious.

    -Kaitlyn Beckert

  • All natural with minimal ingredients so it’s safe for my dog with severe allergies. They also only use ingredients from the US or Canada so I don’t have to worry about contamination’s such as melamine, that poisoned and killed many dogs a few years ago! Overall, they are treats I feel good about feeding and recommending to others. All 3 of my dogs gobble them up as fast as they can!

    -Trisha Yeo Waddell

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