It’s officially time to say goodbye to those winter blues and welcome all the tail-wagging wonders of springtime! Whether you and your Dog are planning on exploring the great outdoors, cleaning up indoors, or simply spending quality time together, this ultimate spring bucket list for dogs is your golden ticket to unleashing pure joy and boundless happiness in your pup’s springtime escapades. So, get ready to soak up the sun and enjoy these 10 paw-some springtime activities that will make your dog’s tail wag and heart happy!  


Top 10 Springtime Activities For Your Dog 

1. Spring Cleaning Fun 
Spring is here, which means we can finally open our windows and breathe in some fresh air – without freezing! But before we open up those windows, let’s do some spring cleaning to make our homes healthier for ourselves and our four-legged family members. You can even get your dog involved with the spring cleaning fun by teaching your good girl or boy to pick up his or her toys and put them away in a bin. Check out this 9 spring cleaning tips for dog owners article for some more spring cleaning inspiration! 

2. Take Your Dog Out to the Ball Game
Baseball is arguably the most popular spring sport in the United States and dogs are undoubtedly the most popular pet. So, why not combine the two for the perfect spring day? That’s exactly what many professional baseball teams have been doing for years with their dog-friendly “Bark at the Park” nights at the stadium. These special games offer an excellent opportunity to provide your dog with positive socialization, while giving your furry friend a chance to test out their obedience training behavioral skills. Here’s a list of 2024 dog-friendly baseball games that you and your pup can attend together this spring!  

3. Puppy Picnic in the Park
After spending the winter indoors, it’s time for your pup to get as much fresh air, exercise, and mental stimulation as they can get. Creating a special puppy picnic for your canine companion will allow them to explore new environments, play with other dogs, and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Some puppy picnic essentials that you should pack are a picnic blanket, water and a bowl, a leash, waste bags, toys to keep your pup entertained, and your dog’s favorite Crumps’ Naturals treats to reward good behavior.   

4. Beachside Swims and Digging Delights
If your dog loves digging in the sand and swimming in the water, then a trip to a dog-friendly beach might be the perfect springtime pick-me-up for your best boy or girl. Don’t live near a beach? Consider planning a beach trip for you and your furry friend. You can visit one of The 32 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in the U.S. Before you head out on this fun-filled beach adventure, take a peek at this 14 Tips For Taking Your Dog To The Beach blog to set you and your dog up to have lots of fun in the sun!  

5. Visit a Doggie Bakery 
A special outing to a doggie bakery is the perfect spring treat for your pup – pun intended! Not only will your dog be able to try a wide selection of goodies like cookies, cakes, and biscuits that are all pet-friendly, they’ll also be entering a warm and welcoming environment specifically designed just for them. Check out this list featuring the Top 50 dog bakeries in the U.S. & Canada to see if there’s a convenient doggie bakery location near you! 

6. Take A Hike
If you and your dog like to stay indoors and hibernate as much as possible in the winter, then springtime should be all about getting back outdoors and enjoying nature at its finest. The delightful scents and vibrant views that you and your dog will experience on a springtime hike will give you and your dog a refreshing boost of energy and joy! Plus, hiking can help dogs reduce destructive behaviors or depression associated with boredom.

7. Easter Egg Extravaganza
Do you remember how much fun you had searching for Easter eggs in your backyard when you were a kid? Let your puppy experience that same feeling of elation this spring by creating a special dog-friendly Easter egg hunt. All you need to do is hide some Easter eggs filled with dog treats and toys around your backyard and then let your favorite detective go to work!   

8. Frisbee Fling Fun
Athletic dogs love showing off their prowess by playing games like frisbee or fetch. To be marveled by your dog’s agility and speed, go play frisbee together this spring. Then watch in amazement as your dog runs and leaps into the air to catch the flying disc. Playing frisbee, or fetch, with your dog is an excellent way to keep your dog fit, healthy, and happy! Or your dog might want to do his or her own thing with the frisbee like this adorable pup did in this viral TikTok video. Talk about creativity!  

9. Springtime Agility Course
Do you have a high-energy, athletic dog that has been yearning to get outside and play all winter long? Springtime agility training might be the perfect activity for your good girl or boy. Before you sign your dog up for an agility trial, which is a competitive canine sporting event, create a DIY springtime agility course to see if agility training is right for you and your dog. You can use this Get Started in Dog Agility Training at Home blog as a practical guide. If you believe your dog is ready for the big time, you can sign your star athlete up for agility classes or private training sessions.  

10. Bubble Bonanza
Playing with bubbles is a great way for your dog to get physical exercise and mental stimulation, while also strengthening the bond with you through quality time together. Plus, spring provides a special opportunity for your dog to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the sights and sounds of the vibrant and rejuvenating season. So, go ahead and have a bubbly blast outdoors this spring with your four-legged family member by playing with dog-friendly, non-toxic bubbles



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